World’s Top 3 Scariest Hip Hop Songs


Romantic and girly hip hop songs are considered to be very famous and are liked very much these days but there are a group of people who still love the SCARY hip hop songs. Well, with the word “scary” you get an idea of the zombies, devils, and the creepy and scary thoughts like the one we listened in the WU-TANG Clan (Method Man) which were “I’ll fuckin’ sew your asshole closed, and keep feeding you, and feeding you”. We gathered a lot of creepy stuff like that for you and we will be discussing them by mentioning top 3 scariest hip-hop songs of the history.

3.Cage – Agent Orange

The Agent Orange was a title song of the album. Sung by ‘Cage’ and organized by the professionals, this song was the weirdest and creepiest song of the year in which it was released. The cover photo of its album also reflects its scariness. The music remains at the constant level throughout the song but the lyrics do get changes at certain levels.

2.B L A C K I E – Knives, Inc.

B L A C K I E is known commonly for making noisy songs. Knives, Inc. is his scariest song ever and this song stands at the third number in our list of scary songs. The music covers the high-level of bass plus beats and the sound of the iron rods makes it even scarier. The lyrics are based on a story actually and the sound is mixed with the music in such a way that it makes really disturbing effects.

1.Kendrick Lamar – U

Kendrick Lamar is aggressively engaging with his ex. The lyrics are very tough because these are fully loaded with Kendrick’s aggression. I observed that many people don’t like this song, the reason is that they don’t understand its lyrics. Well, personally I remember some old memories of mine while listening to it and most of the other people have the same emotions as well. I think that’s the only reason why people consider this song a most creepy one!