Tory Lanez’s Top 03 Motivational quotes and best Lyrics of All times

Tory Lanez is now recognized among one of the finest motivational rappers in the industry how has been working to get the highest rank in the world of the hip-hop. Tory Lanez has said many quotes that have inspired many, especially youth because he always speaks from his core of heart that touches soon afterwords come outta his mouth. In this brief article, we will be going to discuss some of this best quotes, sayings, rapping lines that inspired many people from all across the world. So, there we go:

  1. Miracles

Getting better in life can turn things around easily and this is what our favourite rapper Tory believes because according to him, “if you try to be better every day, more miracles happen in your life”. How amazing is that? As you can see this quote motivates people to work hard and not to wait for miracles to happen because miracles happen if and only if you are working hard.

  1. Heart And Pain

Once he was asked about his songs and how he gets ideas of new rap songs and he simply replied that I don’t write anything down – it comes from my head my soul and my heart and my pain. That allows me to make the best music I can make. This shows his dedication hard work and pain hidden behind his ultimate struggle.

  1. Great People Great Work

Tory once said that great people always do great things and that is why he said that I just want to work with the big people who make great music.

As you know Tory Lanez is super keen to get top position in the hip hop world and that is the reason why he always focuses on working with greatest singers of the century because he believes that they will work as a ladder of success for him.