Top 5 Best Hip-Hop Albums Released in 2016

This year we had numerous outstanding and charming songs with absolutely charismatic beats but just for the sake of putting all of them in a category of ‘top to bottom’, we are here with the top 5 best hip-hop songs of the year. So, we are gonna jump into it by starting with the number five.

5.The Underachievers Mixtape – IT HAPPENED IN FLATBUSH:

This mixtape is one of the best mixtapes of this year because they have such a great banging production and also, we get the breaking rapping along with that kind of energy and clever wordplay that is enough to blow off the wooziness. The consistent music and word flows really did a damn thing.

4.YG’s Album – Still Brazy:

Well, this one was actually a really big surprise for us because we were not expecting this album to be such a great one after the poor and odd release of the previous album. But it was totally different than we thought. YG gets personal and political in his album and he also touches the paranoid of getting shot and fond of getting new fame, so that was really surprising.

3.RIITZ’s Album – Top of the Line:

RITTZ is one of my favorite rappers because his discography does have a sense of smoothness consistency. ‘Top of the Line’ deserves the number 3 because it has all that a song should have. It’s still coming up with those smooth and catchy hooks. It starts with the rapping fire flows and ends with the smooth and wavy music.

2.Elzhi – Lead Poison Album:

Elzhi has dropped a masterpiece this year. This album is something that literally gives goosebumps because of the great content and different stories. You can surely put it on your headphones and listen to it anytime to get your mood back to normal or to a really high level of excitement. The song goes from soft layers of beats including a great content along with the striking stories which literally give a different feel.

1.Anderson Paak’s Album – Malibu:

I’m always in love with it because for the first time when I heard it, it seems to have a nice feel and effect on mood. You will get almost all the stuff in this album; funk, soul, and jazz – all of them are included by him very professionally. He has got a very unique sound while he is rapping or singing. I, literally, listen to him almost every time, whether I’m in my car or sitting in a lounge. This song make me feel like I’m still alive!

I know, there are still many to come this year but this was a type of MID-YEAR top 5 hip hop songs. I know, I have missed some of the loveliest rapping songs, we will cover them in future by adding them to some other category. Share your thoughts regarding the above-mentioned top 5 hip hop songs by commenting below…!