Top 10 Best Hip Hop Dance Songs

Hip Hop Dance
The appearance of dancer in musical videos have been the trend in the entertainment world of recent and of course when you see a videos which has a nice dancing sensation you start grooving to it instantly. Dancing is the life of every music in the recent time and that’s why you see every artist who loves to put dancer on their music.

Many dancers have been able to make wave through the process of dancing to music, they have become very known in the entertainment world. For instance, Lea Elui Ginet was able to acquire fame through dancing and as young as she is, she has been able to acquire great success from it. There has been great Hip Hop single which there dancing groove can’t be left unnoticed. I will be dropping 10 Hip Hop dance song here.

#10: Big Boi Ft Andre 3000 – Looking For Ya

Looking for Ya is a great hit which went viral since the time of it release. Big Boi was able to work the beat with aplomb. Andre was able to drop a comedic verse which spice up the single.

#9: Eve – Tambourine

These is a great dancing song which often require you to wear your dancing shoes. The single has a lot of dancing groove which can put you in a great dancing mood.

#8: Junior M.A.F.I.A. feat. Notorious B.I.G. – Get Money

Get money is another danceable song which was one of the crew best song which made a great hit in the music industry. These single has a lot of dancing groove in it.

#7: Azealia Banks – 212 Ft. Lazy Jay

These is a great danceable rap song which has a great vocal exercise. This single has the power to move anyone to the dancing floor of course.

#6: Terror Squad – Lean Back ft. Fat Joe, Remy Ma

These single is known to have top the chart from the time of it releases. The song has a nice groove which make any one fall in love with it. The song is no doubt a great rap danceable song.

#5: Timbaland – The Way I Are ft. Keri Hilson, D.O.E., Sebastian

These single has a combination of great artist which in no doubt has the rare kind of groove which can set any song on fire. This song is known to have topped many billboard chart since the time of release.

#4: Chingy – Right Thurr

These single in no doubt is worth to be on this top 10 best hip hop dance song. These song was release in 2003 and till today the single has managed to bring fourth good energy any time it is play.

#3: JAY-Z – I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)

We are all aware of the great energy every of Jay Z song bring fourth, this is another of his block buster which has a great energy and dancing grove in it.

#2: Trick Daddy – Let’s Go (feat Lil Jon & Twista)

These is another perfect team up song which a nice dancing groove.

#1: Hurricane Chris – A Bay Bay

These single was initially recorded as a local chant for Dj but the single later viral and became the talk of the town.

Declaimer: We did not conclude that the artist on this chart song are the best but we came up with this list for people who are interest in knowing the song they might need to listen to, to set themselves on the dancing groove.