The Timeline Of Hip Hop Dance

 Hip Hop Dance
In the previous years Hip Hop dance have been underrated and on numerous occasions they have felt not well appreciated in the entertainment world at large, but in the recent times the Hip Hop dance have been able to make waves and they have been granted the full recognition they truly deserved, previously dancing are always done on the street alone to pull crowd but in the recent times it has also been brought to the television, that’s where we have so many dancing talent hunt and numerous people have been able to make fame for themselves for instance Maddie Ziegler was able to acquire fame and success in her dancing world through dancing talent hunt which she won and so many other great dancer was also able to gain fame through the same process.

Dancing has also gone far and wide into gaining audience on the internet, so many people have created so many pages for themselves in order to show case their dancing talents. We will look into the history of Hip Hop dance.

In the early days of dancing and how the evolution for which it started in the street of American on both the East Coast and West Coast to a style of new dance which has been able to evaluate the Pop culture of dancing. In the 2000’s we have seen some many talented dancers show case their talent on the street so has to reach out to people through their talents.

Hip Hop dance was originated in the Black and Latino communities much as Voguing did with the drag queen community in the ballroom scenes of the 1960’s which transpired in New York city and California in the 1970’s.

The hip hop dance started making waves in the 1990’s when people started featuring in musical videos, that was when the Hip hop dance started making waves and gaining recognition in the entertainment world as a whole, people started seeing their talent and as time passes by their work as a dancer started getting much accreditation in the world as a whole.

In 2005 the Hip Hop dance start dominating the web, dancer started proving their worth and they started gaining massive audiences by the ability to show their talent. In 2005 we started having numerous show which help show case people talent as a dancer to the world, shows such as Americans got talent, Americans best dance crew and World of dance which has helped in proving people worth as a dancer to the world.

This people have also make wave on the internet when they started uploading their dance on YouTube and other social media platforms. Looking at the fact that the Hip Hop dance have been able to gain a high rate of audience it has also pave way for the people who are very much interested in dancing.

The social media have also been a great platform for the people who are very interested in dancing. We can easily say Hip Hop dance have managed to gain high recognition in the entertainment world.