Is Taylor Swift Too Swift For Romance ?

Taylor Swift

Ironically, we are among those people who believe that a person’s personal life should be well, left way too personal and private. Apparently, today’s celebrities have a lot to deal with in their lives inclusive of the drama and personal issues which become too ironic to handle for them as soon as the media catches a little sniff of it. Ever since Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston broke their little walk of fame, rumours have been catching the sight of the impressive looks of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift’s little conversation in which they kind of patched up, to no one’s disgust.

Taylor Swift is possibly one of those celebrities in Hollywood who has dated quite a lot of men, and survived the pain of her emotional break-ups through her songs, lyrics and melodies. Ironically, there was a song involved which led to both the exes to rush up the feud between each other, just recent to their break-up. If you hadn’t guessed, we are talking about Calvin Harris’s song, ‘This Is What You Came For’ which was vocalized by Rihanna, penned down by Taylor and produced by the former himself. Ironically, we still don’t know the exact basis of the feud since Calvin Harris’s tweets seemed more of a personal attack on Taylor Swift’s parole rather than being just a heated argument.

Apparently, what Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris do with their lives would be very much suited to their likes, other than being a fan rhetorical base. Taylor Swift has been getting a lot of attention nowadays, and we think that this has nothing to do with the melody of her songs, but the lyrics, her break-ups and her dedications. Sort of similar to Zayn’s Pillowtalk for Gigi Hadid, or was that a rumour too?

It is a really swell decision that Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift decided to mend their ways and put the past aside, but was the feud fueled by her dating Tom Hiddleston and does the patch up have anything to do with her recent break up? Wait, what did we say in the start? Leave her alone.