Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Patch-up


There are hundreds of rumors and pieces of news on entertainment about the actors and celebrities. Here comes confirm news that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are again seen together dating with each other. The news has been on multiple news channels and social media with different trendy titles that meant all to say that both have patched up and can be seen dating together. Probably they had broken up before but now their patch-up has shocked many while their fans see this good trend.

Taylor had broken with Calvin when she met with a new partner but after some time, they have again started sharing some text messages and even the recent pictures show them together moving with hands in hands and dating on different places. The news channels and websites have reported that they broke up almost a month before and they only shared text messages. They were totally not in contact but now they have surprised all the fans with their reunion.

The matter became serious when the singer, Taylor started dating with Tom and their romance reached the peak. The dates of Taylor and Tom had been in limelight and got a huge publicity as it was a surprise for all. During this time, Taylor and Calvin didn’t even see each other and didn’t talk on phone either.

The situation went interesting when the people started saying that Harris’ new song “you were the one thing in my way” was written and sung for Swift but Harris clarified the matter that it was not for her rather it was about his career when he was working on a grocery store and trying to become a top singer. Harris was seen a bit dishearted after the break-up but it seems the patch-up has brought a new life in the DJ singer.