Something Interesting You Need to Know About Hip Hop Music


Hip Hop has always been the music of teens. It makes you jive and enjoy the time. It is the music that you can play while you are having the bad time. Back in 1970’s it originated as music of black teens but now in 2016 it belongs to every community. It has strengthened its roots into the hearts and minds of the teens of all communities. This is not enough; other age groups also have affinity for it.

The hip hop is the music that has great messages to mend the society. It is the music that satires the bad societal norms and urge the people to set them right. In the beginning it was about the sufferings of black people and how they were treated by other communities.

The song “Who protects us from you” released in year 1989 by the Boogie Down production totally discussed the sad tale of the blacks and their sufferings in the society. With the passing time the idea strengthened its roots and was taken up by other communities as well.

The hip hop music industry saw a major shift in 2006 by the song “hurt”. It focused on the gangsters. As opposed to the discussion of the societal wrongs in a negative way, this song threw a positive light to one major wrong of the society. It encouraged gangsters and their doings.

People started following this trend and every other teen could be seen rapping on this song. The 2016 engulfs within it all the previous trends from love to money and from negation of societal wrongs to their strengthening. This genre has become truly diverse. You can understand by simply listening to three great hip hop songs of 2016; all the way up, I got the keys and one dance.

All these three songs discuss three different affairs. So, hip hop is the way to send a message with in a rhyming tune so that the message can set into the minds of people. Moreover, it is the best way to make money.