Short Review: Nipsey Hussle “Victory Lap”

On Friday, February 16 2017 marked the release of Victory Lap a promised perennially absent debut album since the 60s Crip. Nipsey Hussle could be considered one of the most influential artist in his decade. He overcame obstacles, high risk marketing, out of the box campaigning and basic instinct, which propelled his incredible catalog including the Marathon.

Victory lap serves as the ultimate starting point for the Crenshaw native; a coveted distinction for any artist in a well-established era where mixtapes, unofficial singles yielded the same spotlight. Victory lap his first album dealt with Atlantic records for more than six years in the making. Using war stories to grab entry to his catalogue which made a recover to his investment.

This album felt as well as sounded like a lot of money, time, and effort was put into its creation, delivering enough growth and fresh flow. Victory Lap brought on the type of onslaught that had the listeners flip-flopping on their favorite record. Nipsey didn’t come off as an innovator as much as he did as an enforcer upholding time-tested blueprints. Taking on that role leaves room for growth in his approach to song themes.

Black capitalism is foremost top of his mind these days; he wants to build up his community and get others to follow, advocating for the grooming of more strong black men, representing the “toughness” of manhood. Nipsey’s long-awaited studio album quiets the critics while meeting expectations. It has a chance of being a timeless album for the next generation of West coast music and a success story for young entrepreneurs across the world.

Nipsey’s vocals seems as if his fighting to define moments while keeping a structured lyric tone controlling the vocal strength he delivers as well as giving focus and grabbing his listeners attention from bar to bar.

Stream the whole LP below.