Nicki Minaj and Drake’s controversy


The most popular and ‘hot’ looking rapper Drake, settled up his birthday party a few days ago, on 23rd of this month, and invited each and every friend including our beloved top-on-the-list rapper, Nicki Minaj. Somehow, she refused to attend the party and unluckily, she wasn’t there to his friend’s party. This news literally put the fans of Nicki Minaj into a great shocking psychological state because it’s a big step for her to reject her friend’s party. Well, she may have some work burden but I’m mentioning it again that most of the Nicki Minaj’s fans are still thinking that why she didn’t attend the party; she should be there, after all, Drake was her best friend (that’s what the fans think).

According to an insider, after the recent breakup of the Drake and Rihanna this month, Drake is now moving his attention towards Nicki Minaj. It’s not our own illustrations, but according to an authentic source, Drake’s birthday party invitation’s purpose was only to get some kind of attention and engagement with Nicki Minaj.

According to my observations and expert’s opinions, Nicki is not gonna fall into Drake’s arms as easy as it looks because Nicki is already happily hanged out with Meek Mill. For instance, the refusal of the party was, however, a good step because Nicki knows how Drake has passed his life with his exes. This thing literally doesn’t end with Drake if we look at the near past.

The refusal of Drake’s birthday party clearly shows that Nicki doesn’t wanna engage with Drake. According to another source, we came to know that Drake was continuously asking Nicki to join him in the studio so that they both can work on the upcoming new hip hop songs in which the “Moment 4 Life” is on the top of the list. But Nicki made her statement clear by mentioning that she will no longer work with any rapper outside the studio.