All You Need To Know About Dj Khaled

dj khaled
Talking about people who has done immersive contribution to the American music industry, the name of the super talented DJ and Rapper can’t be left un mentioned. His notable work and promotions has really help the musical industry as a whole and it can’t be left un appreciated. His great love for music can’t be unfelt either.

He has become a man whose legacy has travel worldwide. The famous DJ is not just a well loved super star but he is also a lovely father who is known all through the world for his great love for his only son and he is know for often bringing him to stage on many of his notable shows.

There are many great and exceptional facts about the famous superstar which can’t be left unnoticed:

His Favorite Brands

He is often noticed most time when he is spotted on occasions or notable show. He is a highly classic man who loves to wear nice set of designers and he has represented many brands on many occasions. He is mostly addicted to wearing few lovely sneakers collections such as Jordan 3, which he is often spot wearing and he is known for having a full sneakers collection. He is also well known for wearing other different brands which makes him more classic than usual.

He Was Previously A Producer

He use to work as a producer before he quite to pursue his great love for DJ and he is well known for his love for great tones. His notable contribution to sound making in the music industry can’t be left unnoticed.
dj khaled old pic

He once said he has a deep love for music as a whole and the fun fact is that he has collaborated with other successful and talented American artist such as Justin Bieber, Chris brown, Beyoncé and Rick ross. When talking about making great contribution in the American music industry, DJ Khaled can’t be left out.

He Has A Great Love For Roll Royce

His love for his Roll Royce can’t be left unnoticed and often time he talks about his ride in his interview and for a certain he is respected for his wealth and his taste for nice rides. He has been credited and well talked about for his immersive success.
dj khaled in roll royce

He Has Great Love For His Son

DJ Khaled is well recognized for his love for his son and he is often spot together along with the young superstar who is named ASAHD TUCK KHALED. He often brings him along to perform on many of his shows and he often take him along to many of his concert and tours. He is known all around the world for his great affection toward his son. The handsome son is also known to be very fond with his father.
dj khaled and son

Publicity Stunt With Nicki Minaj

He has once pulled a publicity stunt along with Nicki Minaj in order to gain ground for himself in the entertainment world. He went as far as faking a proposal to Nicki Minaj in order to get more recognition and it was later proven to be stunt which he initially do in order to sell out his brand as a notable DJ. Thanks to many scarifies he has made and now he is well known all over the world wide.
Dj Khaled and nicki minaj


For several years he has been very quiet when it comes to his love interest but all those years he was actually in a romantic relationship with the beautiful and calm Nicole Tuck but the duo were very quiet about their relationship affair.

The couple came out to public when DJ Khaled decided to propose to his ever beautiful girlfriend in 2016, after the proposal the duo relationship was all over the internet, although Nicole is not a social person she was drag into the memes. The couple relationship kept growing stronger as years passes by.
dj khaled relationship

Favorite Meal

He loves eating white eggs and he once stated that he doesn’t go a day without having it. He has a personal chef who is named chef Dee. One of the best meal which is often prepared by the chef is Egg roll and he often post it on his social media platform, where he often hypes his chef.

His Favorite Album

He is known to have released many interesting and notable albums, where he has featured many great and talented musician and songwriter. He has stated that among many of his great and successful musical album, his favorite album is named Buju Banton’s Til Shiloh. He loved reggae songs and dancehall music and he has listen to the likes of it all through his life and even as a child.

His Role Model

He has great love for Bob Marley and he often refer to him as his role model, he often visits their home to play as an in house DJ. He once stated that Marley family are very close to him and he has listen to his songs all through his childhood. He has also met with many successful and talented artists such as Tu Pac and many others great Icons.

Terror Gang

He is known to have been a member of the gang named Terror which is headed by the famous Hip Hop siblings who is named Fat Joe and Big Pun. He released his first album in respect to them and the album was released under the TERROR GANG which was released in 2006. He used to refer himself as Terror Squadian. One of the founder member of the gang named BIG PUN passed away before DJ Khaled joined the group.

Previous Stage Names

DJ Khaled is known to have ben referred to many name before he eventually gets famously known as DJ Khaled. He has bear names such as Mr beat novacane, The don dada, Big Dog Pitbull, Terror squadian and Arab attack. He later sticks to the named which he is famously known as now called DJ Khaled which has gone far and wide.


He is known to have competed in DJ BATTLES in 2006 where he won the best DJ in Jamaica in the grand event. He competed again Wyclef Jean who is now a big and successful artist. He is very close to Wyclef and the duo are often spot together on several and successful events all through the years.

Net Worth

He is well known as a wealthy and highly notable man who is worth over 60 million US dollar. He is known to have also gain wealth from owning a restaurant and he is also the owner of a Miami restaurant which is named Finger licking. The restaurant is a well equipped place where they often dish American comfort food.

Social Media

He is very famous on many social media platforms but he is the most followed celebrity on snap chat where he has millions of follower’s world wide. He his loved on the platform for posting his exotic lifestyles and he is known for often posting his sons videos and pictures.


He break out to the industry when he started co hosting on the UNCLE LUKES Radio show which was aired in 1998 and he became more popular when he joined hip hop veteran Luther Uncle Luke Campbell in a show which he is specialized as a predecessor to a modern day urban favorite. He is loved for his exceptional talent as a radio host.


He has a great and fun filled childhood, he was born and raised in Louisiana and he has also lived in Miami. He is also known to have worked and attend great shows in Miami. He has always had great love for music since childhood. He has a great childhood interest as a whole.