Migos “Culture 2” Album Review

Over the past year Migos have overshadowed their career by dropping the latest Culture II Album bringing a crossover of music ubiquity. This is however a major comeback for the guysas they have a top hit list and sticking at the top spot of the pyramid.

With the bloated 24 tracks, the efficiency of the album is self-sufficient capable of conveying on what most albums struggle to do, where Quavo, Offset and Takeoff are featured giving a massive status post. With Offsets relationship with female rapper Cardi B he’s been able to rise over Quavo and Takeoff stretching to outshine his Migos Bothers.

Migos Culture 2 drop is a major hit as it feels like the second jump over to another long career. The culture skirts expectations as hearing Quavo float of joy while Takeoff’s bass and Offset’s serration combine giving a fascinating humor to their career-making.

While some of the songs, like “T- shirt”, aren’t really on the topic many of the record tracks do manage to stay within the lines. By releasing culture II, the migos have become rich with hope, paranoia and unrestrained joy over those who thought they would not retain their format, clearly proving they never needed one.

Culture II is mostly charged with the energy of family and history but also has few national inspiration. As the migos are of Atlanta their records remind you of their earlier years, youth and their inclusion path they under-go.

It’s sometimes difficult to identify the highlights of Culture II project, but that is actually what its aiming. Whether mourning or looking for love in the track “Beast”, the songs purposefully blend into each other making the album a top notch.

“Crown the kings” is migos version of “Every day we Lit” Everybody has that one song that indicates to the hood they made it, for migos is crown the king which has a triumphant feel to it, yet boasting this litty vibe putting all the hustlers at a good mood, with Quavo dropping an effortless hook that has a nice little melody attached to it..