Lele Pons – “Celoso”

Lele Pons

Miami YouTube star Lele Pons released her first solo music video. That’s “Celoso’’ which means jealousy in Spanish.

The single is part of the digital star’s new deal with Universal Music Group’s 10:22 pm imprint which was announced this past week.

“Music has always meant so much to me and this opportunity can help push myself to take the next level as an artist,’’ said Pons, 22, a graduate of Miami Country Day School where she became known for her viral Vine videos about teenage life in South Florida. She has more than 13 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

“I’m so excited to be going on this musical journey with Universal’s support on my side,’’ she said.

Her new single is a bouncy Spanish-language pop song with a reggaeton beat.

The video, which had more than 200 million views on Youtube after being released Aug. 17, opens in black and white with Lele Pons wearing a hair net and playing the role of a dish washer. When she steps into a bathroom, the video pops to color with Pons donning a blonde wig and matching waitress outfit.

Throughout the video, she morphs into different characters including a blue-wigged bartender and a burgundy-haired clubgoer as she sings about her man who is jealous.

Lele Pons, who hosted the “Teen Choice Awards’’ on the Fox network Aug. 12, will be hosting Mexico’s version of “The Voice’’ (“La Voz”) talent show this fall.