Katy Perry Arrested for Voting Naked in Comedy Sketch

Katy Perry got arrested for voting naked in a polling station in a comedy sketch “Funny or Die.” The singer and actress is a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton, a US prudential candidate. She released a teaser ahead of the first televised debate between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.


Her comedy sketch was released on Twitter, where she encouraged the US voters to vote by telling them to go to the polling station wearing whatever they like, or nothing at all. After her arrest, however, it is up to voters to decide whether they want to follow her advice.

I briefly scanned the constitution, and it does not tell that you can’t just get out of the bed and come to vote in whatever state you woke up in. Katy stripped off her pajamas printed with a pattern of the US flag and got completely naked.

I sleep naked, she told the onlookers. Let those babies lose because no one ever said, and her sentence remained incomplete as two cops arrested her for being naked. The officers, it seems did not agree with her understanding of the constitution, placed her in the back of a police car, where community actor Joes McHale joined her, who seemingly tried to vote naked already.

You got to hear her later advice, however. To end the sketch, she stuck her head out of the police car window and said, “Scratch it! Got to wear clothes. See you at the pools day on November 8th.”

In her video teaser, Katy told her fans that she is going to change the world by using her body as a click bait. It does not seem that she intended to insult anyone. Her fans can decide, however, whether her method of changing the world was effective or not.