Top 6 Greatest Songs About The Morning

Sometimes our morning seems incomplete without a nice groove, we all go out everyday but how does our day feel complete without having a great and romantic feelings. Being in a relationship need some spice up and having a nice morning with your partner is not something to trade off. Having a nice morning romantic single to listen to along with your partner is enough to groove the morning spice, we came up with nice collection of song that can brighten your morning, here are few nice morning songs for you.

#1: Beautiful Morning – Rod Stewart

Beautiful Morning – Rod Stewart
This beautiful morning song by the famous Rod Stewart talks a lot about morning cruising, he sang about being with love of his life on a beautiful morning, they both drive down the highway on a beautiful Friday evening. He sang about no hesitation when they check into any hotel down by the ocean about a mile out of Frisco, with a lot of sexy loving on our personal menu. This is a kind of beautiful song you listen to in the morning while you are with your lover.

#2: Happier Than The Morning Sun – Stevie Wonder

Happier Than The Morning Sun – Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder had a great shout in this lovely morning song, he sang about being happier than the morning sun ever since she came into his life and that is how she has promised it to be and he nag about being alone all his life in the verse, he said he has thought he will be alone all his life but now he has find joy in his heart, he sang about seeing the star on earth ever since he has met the love of his life.

#3: Early In The Morning – Eric Clapton

Early In The Morning - Eric Clapton
This is a kind of an emotional Morning song, Eric Clapton had an amazing one in this lovely single, he sang about when a girl reaches the age of 18 and she begin to think she is all grown up and that’s the kind of little girl you can’t find at home. He sang about how he now hugs his pillow every morning just because his baby is not around to be with him. He asks her to come and see him early in the morning just about the break of the day and see him lay and hugging his pillow.

#4: Grateful Dead – Till the Morning Comes

Till the Morning Comes
This is a nice single that has a lot of romance, he sang about treating her well till the morning comes, he sang about her being his woman now and forever. This is kind of song you listen to along with your girl lover early in the morning.

#5: Scorpions – “Loving You Sunday Morning”

Scorpions - "Loving You Sunday Morning"
This is a great romantic song for the morning, scorpions sang about getting her everyday and night, he said he has given her all he has got, love I know that you are feeling blue and lonely deep inside because he knows how it feels to be alone, loving you Sunday morning and he said she is always on his mind everyday. He sang about people telling him that he is going to lose her or their love will die but it seems all is a lie. A nice lovely romantic morning song you should listen to every morning to make your morning beautiful along with your lover.

#6: “One Fine Morning” – Santana

One Fine Morning
A beautiful and romantic lovely morning song for lover. He sang about how complete his morning will be knowing for a fact that he has her in his life. He quoted that “whenever he wakes up in the morning he is always happy when he realizes that he has her in his life”. he sang about about seeing her face in the cloud and he sees her eyes inside a crowd. This is a lovely beautiful morning song which can serve as a good morning text for her.

DECLAIMER: I made a few research and came about my best morning song base on my own believe. Others may come to conclusion that they are view best good morning song that is as well very pleasant to the hearing, while it is quite right. I just came about these few lovely morning songs that can as well take your breath away. Hope you enjoy them.