Fetty Wap – Jugg Ft Monty


Fetty Wap releases new single, “Jugg,” off his upcoming self-titled debut album.

In just four days, Fetty Wap will release his highly anticipated debut album which is self-titled. Earlier today, Fetty Wap initiated #FettyWeek on Twitter, promising a new song called “Jugg” featuring fellow Remy Boy Monty. Not one to disappoint his fans, Fetty delivered on his promise this afternoon.

As if we haven’t heard enough new music from Fetty Wap’s self-titled debut album already, If you love most of their work together, this should be no different because it contains the infectious melody and ad-libs we’re all very used to by now. Fetty Wap will be available on September 25.

Listen to it below.

DOWNLOAD Fetty Wap – Jugg Ft Monty