Real Facts About Kim Kardashian You Will Love To Know

Kim Kardashian
A beautiful queen who is known all around the world for her gorgeousness and her heart taking styles. She has made wave for herself as an American television personality who is well known for notable television series which has travelled world wide. Her exceptional looks and body curve is one of the rare fact that can’t be overlooked.

She has managed to make her fans all over the world jealous about her looks and she has become a model to many aspiring television personality and model. Over the years Kim Kardashian has model for different brands, she has gotten many endorsements due to her captivating looks and she is known to have open many beauty lines all credited to her hard work.

In the American industry Kim is not the type to over look as her contribution to the industry can’t be left unfelt. She is not just beautiful but she has the spell who can make every one jealous of her. Kim hard work has spread so wide that every of her siblings are also very famous too.

Speaking of intelligent meeting up with beauty Kim Kardashian is one of the lady to look out for, as her beauty and hard work has really helped her amassed success.

Here are few facts you need to know about the super sexy Kim Kardashian:

Before Fame

She use to run a Closet Organization before becoming famous, she is known as a great entrepreneur and business expert before she became very famous. She has run many beauty organizations in the past.

She is till known for her business mind and she has many beauty line such has lip stick, cloth line and many others. Aside the fact that she is always on the television showcasing her talent, she is always well known as a business guru who has acquired success through that means too.

Sex Tape

In 2007 her sex tape was leaked and it went far and wide on the internet but she denied the fact that she was the one in the video, she stated that the video was Photoshop and she could never be involved in speculation like that, till date people living in American still discuss the event about the sex tape but Kim doesn’t seem to be worried about it. Regardless she is still loved for her sexy curve and exotic looks.


Kim Kardashian has been married for over three times and her first marriage lasted for three years and her second marriage broke after 72 days. She later got engaged to Kanye west, during the time they started dating Kanye actually had her cloth replaced to the ones he likes her to wear but she asks to keep some for her un born child but Kenya stated that if its going to be his child, she is never going to wear those cloths.
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

She welcomes a child with Kanye which they named North and the name was initiated by Anna Wintour and Pharrell Williams. She got married to Kanye and after their marriage they decided against traditional card settings and instead had the name of all 150 guest engraved into a marble table. The couples initially got married in Paris.


She doesn’t like wearing low shoes, in fact she loves wearing high shoes. She stated that she has never think of wearing flat shoes. She often wears expensive things but never a flat one. She loves Roll Royce and she believes it is very comfortable even for family who has kids because they’re low to put in the car seat and the baby are more comfortable. She always has a nutritionist who change her diet every 10 days.


She has stated that her biggest regret is releasing her single named Jam Turn it up in 2011. She stated that if she has given it time maybe the song will have moved faster than she could ever imagined. She is known to be very talented and has a deep love for singing aside acting.


Kim is a highly fashion expert and she has stated that her makeup and hair often takes an hour and a half everyday and in the case of big events such as MET BALL and Award shows she often takes over three hours or four and she said she often remove her makeup with product worth $1,130. She is also a very classic girl who is known for wearing highly unique wears and she has product and expensive brands in her closet.

Kim Kardashian

She has high taste and she often steps out wearing expensive brands. She is known to have her own beauty lines which she has made success and name from. She has a large Hermes Birkin handbag as her diaper bag. She has stated that she feels really blessed and she loves the process of having her hair and makeup done. She rarely wears underwear’s.

Reality Show

She is known to have a reality show which she featured along with her beautiful sisters and the show is known to have travel world wide. She has gain immersive fame as a reality star. She is known for never removing her mic even if she has to go to the toilet during the reality show. The show has made her and siblings more famous around the world at large.


She has appeared in the front page of many successful magazine, she is known to have appeared nude on magazines and of course she is known for her sexy curves which often makes many brand to want to work with her. She has really made notable success due to her high fashion sense and there’s no doubt that she is truly in love with herself. She stated that if she is a man she will still have sex with herself, that’s how much she is so obsessed in her self.

Past Life

She use to be in a romantic relationship with Michael Jackson nephew who is named TITO JOE Jackson while she was 14 years old and during those times her late father Robert Kardashian told her that she might get comments and abuse for being in an interracial relationship and he also wrote her a letter telling her that her body would lead attention from men but she should always remember her self worth.

Social Media

She is known to have gain immersive followers on her numerous social media platforms. She has been a role model to many young people all around the world and her highly fashion sense has get people glued to her numerous social media pages.


She loves going on vacations, she is known to have visited many beautiful places and she stated that she loves spending time beside beach. She is known to have gone to many nice places along with her siblings and husband.