Exceptional Facts About Drake

While talking about the American entertainment there are some set of people who can never be ignored, there names and brand have travelled far and they can now be classified as a living legend, a hero and a multi superstar.

The appearance of drake often makes his fans wild, he is considered as a small God. He has not only make waves in the American entertainment world but he made a remark meaning all over the world. Talking about a man who owns over 48.8 million followers on his Instagram page it proves that he is a widely known personality as its unusual to gather that amount of followers and to even think he has so many more that aren’t following.

Drake has not only made a brilliant success for himself in the world as a whole, he is well recognized for is talent. Drake has gain a lot of brand success and he has acquired millions of big awards. His music has healed many life’s and he has inspired many other people around the people.

Drake as a brand can’t be overlooked and he is also known to have inspired notable people. He has a great business mind which has also helped his brand as an entertainer.

Here Are Few Facts You Need To Know About Drake:

His Other Career

Drake used to dance before he became famous as a rapper and he is quite good at dancing. He has a great love for dancing and aside that he is also a very good and notable producer who is known to have done so many successful record for himself. He is also a singer and rapper who has received many Grammy award due to the fact. He is known to be multi talented artist and he has gain incredible fame due to his not regular kind of talent.


While he was growing up he set up a goal for himself that he is going to be a millionaire before 23 and he was a able to achieve it due to his never relenting works and talent. Drake talent can’t be overlooked and he is known to be a very talent and creative type of artist.


He is known to have topped many billboard chat all over the years. His singles and album is known to have topped many billboard chat. He has a rare kind of music inspiration which can’t be left out, his music is often loved world wide and he is known to have received over 13 billboard awards.

American Music Award

Over the year’s drake is known to have received many notable awards and he is well known to have broken the American music awards over the years. He is known to have been ranked in 13 norms, beating Michael Jackson 11 nomination from 1984 and won four awards. He is known to have received award such as Favorite Rap/ HIP Hop album, Favorite Song ( Soul R&B Album), Favorite Song (Rap/Hip Hop) and Favorite Rap/ Hip Hop artist.


He started getting famous when he was fifteen years old and he is known to have joined the cast of Degrassi: The next generation which he joined in 2001. He is known for playing Jimmy Brooks, a basketball star who had to use wheelchair after being shot in the notable series Degrassi.


He is known to be the biggest chart topper for men, as at august 2017 drake spent 51 consecutive weeks on the 10 singles chart setting a record for male artist all over the world. In 2015 he also broke the HOTLINE BLINGS and the weekend was closed behind at 45 consecutive weeks. He is also known to have topped many charts as years passes by.

He is also known to have become the first ever artist to log eight straight years on the Hot 100 in may 2017, his BEST I EVER HAD single was marked as the beginning of his 431 consecutive week run on the billboard hot 100. His records as topped many charts over the years which made drake one of the best musical icon.


He used to be in a romantic relationship with Rihanna. He had a big fight with Chris brown at a night club it was rumored that the two big star where fighting for Rihanna and it was covered by the media coverage. Drake have stated that Chris brown made him an enemy and he guesses its going to stay that way.

The rumor that he was actually dating Rihanna become more of a big thing after the fight he had with Chris brown as it looks like he was trying to protect his girlfriend. Rihanna has once kissed him on stage at the MTV VMAs but later the duo came out and acknowledge their relationship but rumored has it that they are not longer dating as Rihanna stub him by not attending his birthday party.

Role Model

He stated that he is an hard die fan of the famous Harry Potter, he stated that he loves franchise so much and he has also been searching the globe for four years for the first edition of Harry potter and the sorcerers stone. Drake is also known to be an hard fan of Miami Heat, drake was videotaped outside the heat locker room after their victory in game 7 of the NBA finals in June 2013 but he was denied cause he didn’t have a media pass.


Drake has deep love for skating during childhood he is known as a lover of skating and he is used to having so much for skating. Aside from dancing and rapping, he has deep love for skating.


Aside for the fact that he is a good singer and entertainer, drake is also well known to have launched his own personal whiskey company. His whiskey brand is named Virginia Black which he launched on June 2016. The business made a huge success and within few months he sold over 30,000 cases globally. In 2018 drake and spirit entrepreneur Brent Hocking announced that they will take the whiskey brand publicly and allow investors to buy stock to help redefine whiskey. The business is still yielding a lot of success as months passes by.

He Has Deep Love For Children

He is well known for his deep love for children and often times he has appeared in many children programs such as Ice Age and Continental Drift in 2012 as Ethan, the young mammoth. He has also appeared on many children program and he is known to have performed for children on countless period. He is also known to have helped many children organizations.

Rap Career

He initially started his rap career when he began making mixtapes in 2006 and he started gaining national attention and he was featured on BET and he was supported by rappers Kanye West, Jay Z and Lil Wayne. He later got signed to the Universal Motown in 2009. He started making hit over hit in 2010 and he became much more famous. Drake is known all around the world for his exceptional talents.


Drake is known for having crush on Nicki Minaj, although they have never dated but he admitted that he had crush on her in 2010 and he stated that Nicki has been an inspiration for his single Un Thinkable which he told the MTV in 2010. He stated that “I’ve always really, actually, really had crush on her, always really loved her and she has always just looked at me as like her little brother.


He has worked with Netflix and on November 2017, drake told The Hollywood reporter his plan to work in television and film production and he confirmed to them that he was working with Netflix as an executive producer to revive Top Boy a popular British television drama. The show is set to make his debut on Netflix in 2019.


Drake has a high taste of fashion and he is known for wearing classic wears, often times he has appeared as an ambassador for many notable brands and he has a deep collections of them.

Giving Back

Drake is known for his generous heart nature and often times he loves giving to the needy and poor people. He is known for his kind nature and most of his fans love him for the cause.