Erica Mena Is In A Bad Edge As Bow Wow Threatens To Leak Her Sex Tape

Erica Mena Bow Wow
On so many occasions we have seen multiple celebrities relationship or marriage hit the rock due to known or unknown reasons, numerous couples have been so intimate that they even know the most sensitive secret about themselves.

Erica Mena and Bow wow have been together for a while and on numerous occasions they have served as relationship goals for most of their fans, they are both considered a perfect couple but all became sore of later when the relationship between two went sore and Bow wow went ahead to threaten his ex girlfriend Erica Mena publicly which is considered illegal according to the law governing personal information.

Erica Mena doesn’t seem to be comfortable with the threat as she is more of reserved type, she is not of Lena The Plug nature who is please to release her sex tape by herself without having a problem with it.

Bow Wow seems to have cross the line by coming publicly to threaten his ex girlfriend in such manner although the both of them have been involved in throwing bitter words to each other of since the time of their breakup.

Erica Mena Bow Wow
It was gathered that Mena was the one who initially broke the relationship and it was gathered that, that was the reason Bow Wow have been threatening to release Erica sex tape.

The duo is known to have started dating for quite a while when Erica Mena announced that they are officially a couple, but it was later gathered that in 2015 they both broke up after combing through bridal packages, Mena is known for acting in numerous movies such as Love & Hip Hop spinoffs, Mena once suggested that Shad Moss lacked the foresight just so she can make a sensible electoral decisions and she quoted thus “he has a small you know what”.

It is gathered that Erica Mena might not be taking it likely with her ex boyfriend Bow Wow as she might take a big step in order to cob his actions, she has been a little quiet about the whole controversial but for someone of her nature she might working on taken a strict revenge. We look forward to see her reaction.