Have drugs ruined Eminem’s life?

Everyone knows about the Eminem’s life. He had to face lots of ups and downs early in his childhood. His father died, he tried his best to make his future bright but when a man is buried for years under a lot of tensions, most of them try to make their mind fresh by having a small dose of drugs. This ‘small’ dose gradually gets the name of ‘addiction’. Same is the case with Eminem.


Today, we are gonna discuss how the drugs have ruined the life of Eminem. Obviously, we can’t measure the exact destruction of his life but we can make a guess by listening to his song “25 to Life”. The lyrics “But I’ve already wasted over half my life” clearly shows that he himself knows about the wastage of his health and looks.

Well, his looks are also “transformed” right from the drug abuse when he was shooting the “8 mile” continuously by working 16 hours a day. (I was thinking to use the word ‘change’ instead of ‘transform’ but then I thought the ‘transform’ suits best here). Anyway, Eminem then started the rehab session in 2005 which continued for consecutive 3 years. He took a complete break of three years from his career and didn’t release his albums; Recovery and Relapse.

The “25 to Life” song truly reflect Eminem’s inner feelings. At first, it seems that he is talking to a girl but if you listen to it in the sense of real meanings, you will get to know that he is actually abusing his ‘addiction’. The last lines of this song “Fuck you hip hop, I’m leaving you. My life sentence is served, bitch and it’s just…” painfully describes his emotional state.

But now he has got his life back after spending 3 years of time in rehab and he is absolutely ready to make some new fascinating masterpieces in future. We are always with you Eminem, just go for it!