Desiigner – Friday The 13th

A theme carried through out these two’s work together is the heavy use of ad-libs almost embedded into the production, it feels as though the two are created with the other in mind. It’s hard to imagine what this song would sound like without Desiigner constantly squawking in the background– surely it wouldn’t sound as good. This one actually contains co-production from DJ Relly Rell.

It’s hard to know who did what, but on top of the garbled ad-libs, there’s a flurry of synth keys and jingle to the beat. Meanwhile Desiigner dedicates this one to Friday the 13th (our second Friday the 13th-dedicated track of the day, it’s worth noting), delivering it alongside Jason-inspired cover art, where Desiigner is seen rocking half of a mask, while he smokes a blunt on the unmasked side.

Take A Listen Below

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