Brad Pitt Doesn’t Want to Leave Angelina Jolie and Asks Help from Her Father

Brad Pitt is on a mission to get her wife back and thinks Angelina Jolie’s father could help bring her back again. He has spoken to Jon Voight about his relationships with Angie and hopes he can do something to get it fixed.


According to the veritable sources, Brad is trying his level best to save his relationships with Angie because he doesn’t want to let her go quite easily. If we look into the situation, it apparently appears that Agnie is quite annoyed and doesn’t want to stay any longer with his husband. We think there must be something severe has been done by Brad and he knows he has done something wrong, and therefore looking for ways to rebuild his relationships with his wife.

There’re some reports making rounds on the internet that Angelina Julie’s inclinations toward politics raises the tussle and Brad Pitt seems to be quite unhappy with her stance.  Sources close to the news suggest that Angie wants to become among US top officials. We are told that she has two political advisers working to convert her dream of becoming a politician into a reality.

Since Brad is facing severe allegations of child abuse, he wants someone in his corner to help rebuild his relationships with his wife. He is contacting all the persons he thinks could have an influence on Angie. But, we think there’s no use for asking help from her father Jon because we all know that she has cut all the ties with her father nearly a decade ago. Well, we can just hope for the best. Stay tuned for the more news.

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