Best Horror Movies You Should Watch

Are you one of those wanting to see something new in horror? Check out our list featuring some of the best Horror movies that you should watch to kill your idle time. Every movie is selected very carefully and has the ability to give you a real horror entertainment. Let’s find out what attracts you the most;

The Final Girls


Directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson, The Final Girls is an American film highlighting a story of college students who’re transported into a slasher film Camp Bloodbath. The movie stars Malin Akerman and Taissa Farmiga with other supporting performances from Alia Shawkat, Thomas Middleditch, Adam DeVine, Angela Trimbur, Chloe Bridges, Nina Dobrve and Ludwig.

When Animals Dream


Written by Rasmus Birch and directed by Alexander Arnby, When Animals Dream is a great horror movie that every horror enthusiast should watch to calm your nerves. The cast of this amazing film include – Sonia Suhl, Jakob Oftebro, Lars Mikkelsen, Sonja Richter, Benjamin Boe Rasmussen, Mads Riisom and Esben Dalgaard. The whole story revolves around a 16-year-old girl Marie growing up in a weird, far-off fishing village with her parents. She develops a weird rash on her breast, causing her a lot of discomfort and pain. That’s how the story progresses and amuses the audience.

The Visit (2015)


The Visit is an American movie directed, produced and written by M. Night Shyamalan. The cast of the film include – Olivia DeJonge, Deanna Dunagan, Ed Oxenbould, Kathryn Hahn, and Peter McRobbie. It received a lot of positive reviews from the people and is still being seen widely.

We Are Still Here


It’s a 2015-relased American film directed and written by Ted Geoghegan. The film has been a success and is remembered as one of the great horror movie that you can refer to your friends. The story revolves around a home that’s quite notorious in the area for its weird, supernatural powers.