Best Hollywood Movies of All Time

Today, we are up with a blog post covering best Hollywood movies of all time. For many, films play a key role bringing about a change in their behavior. Many films are still remembered and appreciated widely by the people.

Superman (1978)

This is the beginning of superman concept still being appreciated largely. It’s a superhero film that was directed by Richard Donner. The film features a superman who falls in love with Lois Lane while fighting against devil minds and forces. The film was a blockbuster and is still remembered as one of the great Hollywood movies of all time.


Jaws (1975)

Really that’s baggie when it comes to the best Hollywood movies. Released in 1975, the movie was the biggest blockbuster of that time. Starring Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss, jaws is an American horror film series divided into 3 different sequels. The whole story revolves around a white shark attacking people in some parts of United States. It’s Brody family on which the whole movie is focused.  


Titanic (1997)

Everyone born in 90’s can’t forget the great Titanic. Directed, co-produced, co-edited and written by James Cameron, the romance-disaster film revolves around a big ship and a couple who falls in love with each other during the voyage.  Kate Winslet and DiCaprio are the main cast of Titanic, acting very realistically to make it super awesome. With huge $2.187 billion revenue, the Titanic is conserved as one of the greatest Hollywood movies of all time. The end, however, is a little sad when DicCaprio skinks in the cold water. Overall, it’s a fantastic movie that’s still being remembered and watched.


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