Bella Throne Suspected to Have a Boob Job to Put Her Disney Past Behind

Is Bella Throne following the footsteps of other Disney stars like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus who put their Disney pasts behind? Many suspect this to be true as the latest looks of 18-year-old actress appear significantly different in recent months.


Bella is quickly shedding her Disney image, along with her weight, to become the next Hollywood sex siren. And it’s not just the dresses and style as many suspect that she might have gone under the knife to have a boob job, also known as breast augmentation surgery, to have bigger and sexier melons. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure where silicone, or other similar material, is implanted under the breast tissue to make them bigger and shapelier, explained a reputed plastic surgeon.

According to an article published in a reputed magazine, there is a good chance that Bella secretly undergone the surgical procedure to have bigger boobs. Many other experts in the field agree that her bigger boobs are not just a trick she learned somewhere. While she continues to look slimmer in her new bikini photos, the only thing getting bigger is her chest.

Bella Throne already has a successful television career. However, to succeed in Hollywood in the shortest period of time, it is helpful to have the Hollywood’s ideal standards for the size, shape, and looks. And the plastic surgery is a helpful shortcut to have some of them.

Celebrity fans are busy debating about whether she went to the surgery route to have the ideal Hollywood image. If so, how would she look in the coming years? Maybe, she will be completely unrecognizable in the next five to ten years. Different people have different opinions, but most agree that her looks are changing, and the Miami native Bella is determined to be the next Kylie Jenner.