Awards that Jay Z has Earned in his Entire Career

Jay Z is one of the most popular rappers of the hip hop industry. He is also listed in the top 5 most expensive and richest rappers of all time. In every dimension of the hip hop, Jay Z has his own deeds and we all know his achievements but I think you might not be familiar with his earned awards. So, here we are with the major awards that Jay Z have earned in his entire career.

American Music Award:

Let me just give you a complete overview of earned awards. Jay Z was nominated 7 times in American Music Awards and won the awards 3 times. That’s a big achievement because there are many celebrities who are nominated for the award ceremony but they don’t receive any.

Billboard Music Award:

Moreover, Jay Z was nominated 69 times for Billboard Music Awards and luckily he was able to make his stand only for two awards. The Billboard Music Award is literally a big ceremony in which it is difficult to compete and win but Jay Z is a real man!

Grammy Awards:

In Grammy Awards, Jay Z was nominated 59 times and he won 21 times. By having 21 Grammy Awards, Jay Z stands proudly at the 10th position worldwide. He got his first award in 1999, the award was the “Best Rap Album”. The album due to which he won this award was the Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life. The second and third Grammy award was won in the same year i.e. 2004. The second award’s name was the “Best” and the credit goes to his famous “Crazy in Love” album. The third award’s title was the “Best Rap/Sung Collection” which was achieved on the behalf of his best album, the “Frontin”.

Jay Z’s life is full of awards and achievements so we can’t just sit and talk about each of them. This real legend deserves all of them!