Top 6 Annie Leblanc Songs

Annie Leblanc
Annie Leblanc is a well known talented American singer and song writer who is well known to have made a remarkable recognition in the entertainment world all over the world. The young song writer and singer is known to have manage to make great name for herself regardless of her tender age, she has made great records and she is also well known as a YouTuber and gymnast.

The success artist Annie Leblanc is known to have release great singles over the years and as time passes by her name keeps getting the great recognition it deserves. She has great fans who has been addicted to her songs over the years and we took time to come up with her best singles over the time. Here are top six Annie Leblanc single we came up with in no particular orders.

Little Do You Know: This singles have a lot to do with emotions and great love and no doubt it has topped so many charts all over the years. She releases the great song along with the famous and talented Hayden Summerall. The song has to do with memories and the single is known to have gone viral since the time of it release.

Ordinary Girl: This Is also one of the best of Annie Leblanc which was released on October 2017. The song has a great combination of lyrics which has to do with celebrations and Snapchat selfies. She sang about her role in the world and how she is taking a step day by day. At the time the song was released it went viral and it was loved by almost everyone who has a great taste for good music.

Photograph: This is a great song which was topping chart constantly for few months after it release, Annie Leblanc has a great lyric this time around. The song which was release in late 2017 was a hit and the song was performed by her on many special occasions.

Somebody’s heart: Somebody’s heart is one of the best of Annie Leblanc, the single was release in the early 2018, the single is known to have top chart for over a week after it release and of course her fans were very obsessed with the song since the time of it release and some of her fans still can’t let go of the song till date.

Little Things: This is known as a legendary single which has been of a great since the time of it release, the single was release on February 2018. This great song is about life and how crazy the world seems to be; she sang about how bless we all are to live our wildest dream.

Picture This: This is also a great song which was release by Annie Leblanc on June, 2018, the single is one of the recent of Annie Leblanc and her fans have managed to embrace the single since the time of is release.

Declaimer: In no way have we concluded that this is the best song of Annie Leblanc over the years but we came up with the best of her singles you will love to listen to.