4 Most Popular Songs Of Pentatonix


Pentatonix is active since 2011 after winning The Sing-off 3rd season on NBC. That was their first accomplishment of their life from which they got a platform to polish their abilities. Personally speaking, being a fan of this group, I like the combination of their vocal cords in every song but today, I have to pick top 4 songs of Pentatonix. Let’s get started then.

4- Can’t Sleep Love

The song was released in September 2015 and was the lead single of the Pentatonix’s career. This pop song was able to make a perfect stand in the history of Pentatonix history. The official song video got over 18 million views and 276 thousand likes and I think that’s a characteristic of a popular song.

3- Radioactive:

Released in 2014, Radioactive is considered to be the most liked song of Pentatonix. Radioactive belongs to the album PTX, Vols. 1 & 2 and this song also won the award of YouTube Music Awards Response of the Year. The official video got 27 million views and surprisingly, 377 thousand likes. So, “Radioactive” song literally has the ability to stand on the fourth number.

2- Sing:

Sing was officially released in October 2016. Sing is the Pentatonix’s third single and being so popular, this song literally got a lot of critics but still this song is able to stand on the second number. The official video got more than 18 million views and 307 thousand likes.

1- Say Something:

This song was officially released in May 2014 and is listed in the pop genre. From the album PTX, Vols. 1 & 2, this song do have enough grace to make a place in fans’ heart. The popularity of the song can also be estimated from the 59 million views on the official video and the 634 thousand likes until now, are enough to understand the popularity of this song.