4 Mobile Apps for Discovering New Music

Music lovers have different states of mind. Sometimes, they know exactly what songs they want to listen at the moment. However, there are times when they just want to discover something. Either the old songs they used to listen or something entirely new they have not listened before. Here are some apps, not in a particular order, that satisfy your music needs of the moment.


Great visuals enhance your music listening experience, and Sonarflow understands that. This app lets you discover music in a visually rewarding way. It finds music based on the artist and genre you have already listened. There is a discovery mode, and in this mode, the app throws suggestions bases on the music you already have on your device.



Shazam is known for its song recognition capabilities. You hear a song on TV, in a store, or in a tram, just ask Shazam to identify, and it will. It not only identifies the music but also tells you detailed information about it and lets you listen to it on YouTube.

Additionally, it suggests you related songs based on your searches. It is great in suggesting new music you might like and keeps you updated about the artists and songs of your interest.



Discover may be described as Twitter for music. It helps you discover new music using interactive maps. You can play songs in Discover using other apps like Rdio, SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube.



Before this apps phenomenon, people used YouTube to discover new music, and they still do. The process is simple. Search for a song, or any video for that matter, and YouTube will show you suggestions in the right pane. People often find these suggestions, at least some of them, very interesting. Chances are good that you will find a nice song you used to listen but haven’t listened for a long time.