3 Best Android Apps for Listening to Your Favorite Music

Less than a decade back, there used to be reviews of best portable cassette and CD music player. Things have changed now. Our smartphones are everything now, including music player – and nobody is regretting. Smartphones are doing a very nice job at playing music given that you have good quality digital music, a good earphone, and yes, a good music app. There are many music apps, and many of them are good. So, this small list is certainly not an ultimate. But we have found these apps really interesting, and you can happily give them a try and find out your next best.

Pi Music Player


A nice and simple yet feature-rich player to play locally stored music on your Android device. The features seem quite logical and you will find most of the things where you expect. Easy to learn, means you will be familiar with this music player in no time.

One great feature of this app is its visual appeal. The makers of this app have put the effort not only in the functionality but in aesthetics as well. If you want to try a new app, you can start with the Pi music player. And it’s free – did I mention that?



Poweramp is a well-known music player app within Android community. It is a feature-filled music player with a free 15-day trial and a $3.99 upgrade. Poweramp supports a wide range of music formats. Its main features include a 10-bnd graphic equalizer, a number of playlist formats, and lyrics support.



Nice design and excellent functionality, Musixmatch is a well-though music player app. However, it is especially known for its lyrics ability. With a very large database of lyrics, it’s a boon for lyrics lovers. Its lyrics function also works for many other supported music apps with its Floating Lyrics feature.