21 Savage’s Top 05 Motivational Quotes

21 Savage is a rap performer from Atlanta, Georgia, who has carried back the uneven, soiled gangsta focused hip-hop. His music is a gloomy image of the difficult times and now he is a dominant youth sign today. He motivates people by his experience of life and that lessons which he learnt from his whole life.

1. Fake Love
21 Savage gives a beautiful massage in his motivational quotes that if you show fake love for anyone then you do not the real meaning of life and love. Some people are not loyal to you, they are loyal to their need of you. So, one their need changes so do their loyalty alters. Do not trust people whose feeling changes with time. He wants to say, trust those whose feelings remain the same even when the time or tide changes. “If you went show fake love then do not know love at all”

2. True Friends will Leave Footprints in Your Heart
21 Savage prefer a loyal person in his life. He wants to say in this un trustable world we do not believe in anyone but a person who really loved you. This beautiful quote says that: “These streets so dirty I just want someone who really there can’t make love. Just want someone who really cares is loyal to me, want somebody I am not gotta share” Many people come in your life and many people will walk out of your life, but only true friend or companion will leave footprints in your heart and always stay with you.

3. Your Behavior Lost Your Love
21 Savage lighten up the life of some people that lose their beloved ones for their misbehave and finally those people lost everything. When anybody who loves you true heart and just listen to not say anything that means you lost him. “If she listens to 21 Savage, it’s over with she ain’t got feeling no more”

4. Don’t Expect
21 Savage gives a beautiful lesson for life which motivates and creates positive thinking in people. He believes that if we expect from others then always hurts a lot but if we do not expect that take us away from disappointment. When you change your thinking and think positive good things happen. “I expect the unexpected to avoid disappointment”

5. Started From The Bottom
21 Savage tells the start of the journey of work and success that starts from bottom and passion leads it to the top. “And I Came from the bottom and it feels good”. This message is especially for those who never start because they do not want to be seen starting at the bottom. If you start at the bottom the only direction you can go is up and make a successful person.