21 Savage – X Bitch Ft Future


21 Savage is up with another song “21 Savage – X Bitch Ft Future” this year. Unfortunately, the official audio got over 26 million views up till now but that doesn’t mean that everyone would have like that too. The comment section of the official audio is full of critics. Well, most people like it too, I’m not saying that everybody hated it. Personally speaking, I have put my inner aggression here by reviewing 21 Savage – X Bitch Ft Future.

I was shocked after listening to this track, literally. The lyrics and the music, in fact, everything in this song was nothing but a just waste of time. Lyrics were not making sense with the music, 21 Savage just wasted his energy in singing this song. I don’t know what he was trying to do actually, he exaggerated the hip hop style which leads this song to get ruined.

Yelling and rapping are two different things but after listening to this song I am confused whether rapping and yelling are same or not. How can singer, producers, and directors expect the public to love this trash song?

Here I would like to comment on the rapping style of the singer, the rapping style was like spit on the hip-hop and I don’t want my children to hear this shit because the vulgar lyrics is something that no one wants to listen except the 21 Savage’s fans.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>I really got disappointed because of this song, I live in the world of hip-hop where new artists come up with new ideas and new sorts of music but when it comes to disrespecting the hip hop I take it personally, no one has right to humiliate this hip hop culture, my motto is pretty clear, sing if you can else leave hip hop for other artists.

Music sounded like a shit with no proper beats. The music doesn’t have any ups and downs, it follows a same tone throughout the song. Also, the track was annoying even for my ears and not only for my ears but I am sure that this song is going to damage the reputation of the 21 Savage and Metro Boomin as well. In short, this song was ridiculous.

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