The 10 Best Pop Songs Of 2018

In the recent years Rap single has seem to have taken over the whole world and everybody seem to be engross with the rap songs but no one can ever ignore Pop songs has it has it own way of touching people soul and making time worthwhile, as much as it may seem that many people have become lover of Hip Hop songs, there are many other people who can’t live without Pop single.

Pop songs have been making waves and with no doubt it has pave way for many people who has been involved in it and it has been a great way for them to mix up great personalities. Catherine Paiz spoke about how she grew up listening to Pop singles and over the years we have seen pop star do well for themselves in the entertainment world and for certain their work and talent can’t go unappreciated.

To me Pop single really mean a lot to me and can’t go a day without having to play it, as it makes the heart young and makes you want to fall in love with life over and over again. Have you wonder which Pop single you haven’t listen to in 2018, here are few new collections of it:

Carly Rae Jepsen – Party For One

Looking for a Pop single which can help you escape that poor feelings you have now? This is a great one you should look out for. Do you find yourself in an alone time and you need to groove the moment in a very happy way, here is a great song you should look out for?

Robyn – Missing U

Although it might have seemed that Robyn has been on a low key for several years but her songs have always been an evergreen one. Her singles are must look out for and when you hear her drop a single it is definitely going to be a bomb. This great Pop single is what she came up with after her long break from music which will mostly set you in the I miss you mood.

Travis Scott – STARGAZING

For every Pop lover, this single should be the top of your playlist. These great single has been on several people playlist including me. Of course it is a great single you should look out for.

Nicki Minaj – Coco Chanel

Nicki has never done it wrong, Queen of Pop had a great voice record which can’t help but top your playlist.

The 1975 – Love It If We Made It

This single has been hitting us from every angle since the time of it release and of course it is a great one you should never miss.

Beyoncé and Jay z – Apeshit

The king and queen are here again with another soul taking single which will definitely take over your playlist.

Declaimer: These singles are from our selections of great songs and in no way have we concluded that it is the best Pop single for 2018 but they are one the best you should look out for.

List Via: Esquire