10 Best Albums of 2018 So Far!

At the end of 2017, we already predicted that 2018 will be the year of music! Hip-hop industry is getting bigger day by day and the new year brings something unique and different. The satisfying fact is that new singers are being introduced with great talent and all of them have a unique style. So, it’s a satisfying news for listeners that this year, we’re going to get a massive amount of variety.

Many albums have been released in 2018 and every one of them is fascinating. We’re here to let you know some of the best albums released so far in 2018. Here are the 10 best albums of 2018 so far!

10- “Culture II”

Culture II was launched on 26th of January by Migos. Nicki Minaj and Drake and some other stars made guest appearance in this album. Culture II is the third studio recording of the Migos. It consists of two discs with 24 tracks in total.

9- “By The Way, I Forgive You”

“By the way I forgive you” created by Brandi Carlile was released on February 16, 2018. In less than just one month, this album got enough fame and popularity that it can break many records of the past. It’s Brandi Carlile’s sixth studio album and has 10 amazing tracks of 43 minutes in total.

8- “POST-”

Launched on 1st of January, it covers almost all aspects of music genre. Pop, rock, rapping and many more, all are the chief elements of this album which make this album a very unique album launched in the start of the year. Jeff Rosenstock has recently made a great career after launching his previous album “Worry”. POST- has also got a quick fame in almost no time.

7- “Gangin”

SOB X RBE has recently launched his album “Gangin” on February 23. Gangin has a unique style of spreading self-satisfaction and self-confidence. Every track has a different theme with a social message. Gangin is actually a mixtape that covers everything that is required for a best album.

6- “All at Once”

All at Once by Screaming Females was launched on 23rd of February. In less than 15 days, it has got more than million views. Being so popular, Screaming Females has got a great career in the past and moreover, they also have a huge audience. So, this album is surely going to be the game changer! All the tracks are full of melodious voice and thought-provoking lyrics.

5- “Victory Lap”

Here you have the most-awaited debut from Nipsey Hussle. Victory Lap was released on 16th of this February and Nipsey Hussle has creatively bounded every lyric with melody. The effort is real! The album is attractive by its unique name and by its amazing tracks as well.

4- “Lionheart”


Lionheart, produced by H.C. McEntire. In just a few days, it’s included in the list of top 4 best albums of 2018 so far. The emotional lyrics with great melody makes this album unique and addictive to listen. Every track has its own uniqueness. Lionheart was launched on January 26 this year and has a huge audience in just one month!

3- “Ephorize”


It has been more than a month since Ephorize launched (January 5) and this album is getting fame day by day just like CupcakKe’s previous X-rated albums. Ephorize also have erotic stuff this time and have some punch lines as well. The lyrics is full of filth and the music makes the theme more prominent. It’s the mixture of funny lines and some serious ones as well.

2- “What a Time to Be Alive”

What a Time to Be Alive Superchunk

Superchunk come up every time with a unique theme behind every track. This time, again, he’s up with some political anger. The anger overflows from the lyrics of “What a Time to Be Alive”. The official launch date is 16th of February and his main target, nowadays, is President Donald Trump. So, Trump’s haters are going to like this one!

1- “In a Poem Unlimited”

In a Poem Unlimited

In a Poem Unlimited was launched on February 16 by U.S. Girls, this album’s record label is “4AD”. This masterpiece by U.S. Girls has been the most popular album until now! Keeping in mind the factors of popularity, fame, lyrics, melody, music, and many other things, we come up with ‘the best’ album of the year so far. This ranking is not for the entire year! It’s based only on the albums released in past 3 months. More extraordinary albums are yet to come! So, just wait and watch the show! This year is all about music!