One Direction – Drag Me Down

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The expected-unexpected return of One Direction as four-piece group is here and the world must be ready for this. Without warning the guys have unveiled their new song called “Drag Me Down“.

It’s the first proper release without Zayn Malik who left the group this year to start his own solo career. Liam Payne, 1/4 of the group, took to his official twitter to announce the release. “Bit of a surprise ! ? Check out our new single! It’s called Drag Me Down & I hope you love it as much as we do”

The dancehall-ready reggae-infused ballad marks a clear and clean evolution in their sound with a more mature flavour, including Harry Styles who curiously he posits the voice in a way like his former teammate Malik, causing you do not appreciate too much difference.

Drag Me Down” is the first taste of 1D’s upcoming fifth studio album due out later this year via Simco Limited. The single was released on July 31st.

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  • shein


  • something problem with it….isnt it released in india…?

    • Mahak

      No it hAS

      • deepasree

        it has….but nt in any Chanel if u want u can listen in youtube

  • vicky

    not in india ??

  • I honestly love all of one directions songs so when I heard this it made me so happy but sad cause zany was not in this song

  • shivangi varshney

    Y not fr india??? That’s absolutely not fair..

  • Annesha.L

    So different but its better. They soubd so amazing.this song is so mature

  • Nisha

    not available where im from.

  • Anonymous

    I am so sad that zayn is not therein the song

  • roshdy

    Guys zayn malik wasn’t in song cause he left the team of 1D

  • Anonymous

    i love the song….. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Isnt its realeased in India ??

  • Anonymous

    Isnt its released in India ?? :'(

  • anupama

    not in India shickkkkk man ?

  • anupama

    yeiiiiiiii I’ll got it yahooooooo ??

  • zain

    Omg i loved harry stykes i accually love harry styles he is the best

  • Wow it is so nice song. Just love u 1D a lot?????

  • apoorva


  • zahraa

    1d rock the world there songs is cool Lol i love 1d

  • afridi

    this song makes me remember of my sad days

  • It’s a beautiful songs..
    1D z best ever..

  • Mari Emii

    this is the best <3

  • Harry styles

    Awesome,superb love it..

  • challung Aabb tara

    songs is for the entire world.. but y not for India.. ? i wanna listen the song but i can’t y is it so? that’s not good .. am dying off …

  • Cool song

  • Rukasen tyruuun

    What is the reason that zayn left one direction,,,,,

  • where’s zayn?

  • eikheda


  • priyanka

    Awsm name

  • Emran khan

    I like your team and song

  • Emran khan

    I like your team and song ♠♠♠♠

  • seema

    I love all one direction song. ????????? very much.

  • prinstone

    Itz awesome playlist

  • Anonymous

    itts is awesome……

  • syam reshma

    absolute stylish….

  • Anonymous

    Vary good song

  • narnia

    its really beautiful song. I love it

  • tracy

    Love your song am a fan but disappointed in one of your former partner

  • Senti McDonOugh

    I LoVe DiS SoNg…. ?????

    SpClI LoUiS

  • Cool song just loved it?

  • kiran

    i love this song…i am huge fan of yours.but i am sad because zyne is not in this song

  • swapz

    justin bieber is the best in the world-what do you mean.

  • pallavi


  • Anonymous

    omg this song is like hell amazing for me . i am so dead

  • Thanu Sathsarani

    Its niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………feel srry abot zayn,but this song is grate…………you gyz are awesome………….

  • niall princess eva styles stilinski

    i knw one direction survived without zayn so we love 1d so much no one can drag them down this so amazaynnnnn… Love niall ,

  • Anonymous

    cOoLeSt SoNg EvEr….BuT wHeRe Is ZaYn..???

  • kasuni rathnayake

    I’m very sad because zayn is not in this song.

  • best song- drag me down,, bt I missed zayn in this?????

  • Anonymous

    unable to download

  • Anonymous

    missing zyan in this video
    love zyan

  • One direction are good and they are best then zayn. Go one direction

  • I love this song then l can meet you

  • Mrunali

    Luvly songs i luv all song 😀

  • Anonymous

    hittest song bt mizzzzzzzzzzzzz ZAYN

  • Hariz

    Nice song

  • nishan


  • Anonymous




  • ajith




  • Linba Phom

    Nice song… It really awesome

  • Anonymous

    i love 1d some much

  • I want this song but i am unable to download it i dont understand why

  • Anonymous

    i love you

  • It is so nice!

  • I love this song Drag me down

  • amanda jayaweera

    It’s a super song.I love one direction with all my heart……4EVER;-):-):-P

  • Love you one direction. ……

  • tresha

    This is so amazing……

  • Krishna Naveen

    Zayn Malik has engaged with one girl and married with another.So he left the group 1D.I know that Zayn is the person who has most no of fans in 1D group.

  • pfeju katiry

    Good job 4r of yu

  • Anonymous

    goddamm song i love the line nobody can drag me down…..

  • Roki


  • Dr Jay ZAMANI

    OMG I love this song so so much…this is the song that bring back my girl friend to me..I used the lyric to apologice to her, for cheating on her??thank you 1D you guyz are the best…and to u my sweet heart.I will always love u???? #DRjayzamani

  • SPHA


  • Stylish Boy

    Very♥Very♠Very★Nice Song I Love This Song★★★

  • ayanda xolo

    inlv with dis song….keep it up gyz

  • Anonymous

    jose man

  • Melvin vivo

    Rocking gyezzz <3 🙂

  • Steve

    Its nice patiada A kantahaha

    • Anonymous

      Nice song..

  • I really love this song ♡ and really sad bea

  • James

    Nice one direction all the best song ever

  • Alexandra

    ???tank you so much thats so good

  • Rima Rahman

    Will all four of you on 1D marry me?!!!….

  • dotee

    I love 1D da most…??wish they could 2 India(Nagaland) too hoping to see you all 1D????

  • kash krish

    wow i enjoyed it
    Amazing song

  • zain

    love it lot.

  • nabil

    i love one direction so much

  • Yash

    Zyan is the best his hairstyles are the best

  • Anonymous

    I Miss zayn so much:(

  • naol

    we love you

  • Sonia

    I just want to say that 1D did a great job gud luck in the further 1D love u

  • zanster

    Ovio…. nice one n plz come here in india directioners are waiting

  • kiki

    Iuv the song and one direction

  • pawan HT

    just a fab song just one thing is missing its zyan

  • Atharva


  • Ysmin

    Love one direction

  • Nihar saikia

    niceeee’ ilv u

  • jijith

    im realy love the song and i love u so much 1D

  • Anonymous

    my best song is Drang me down

  • sakshi verma

    I am really very big fan of one direction band and my best song is drag me down I love u all

  • Anonymous

    the song is beautiful and very nice song but i love the best song song good luck O D

  • Anonymous

    Ilove dis songs

  • Aswin

    wow super song

  • DANI

    Ooooh lala I love this song tnx 1D

  • Anonymous

    one direction drag me down

  • Annette Tamang

    Awxm song +Awxm band love ui 1D

  • Eishal

    u should hear history it’s so sad

  • Putri Anasthasya

    I like this song but I miss u ZAYN


    I Like It song Butifully

  • Nophelo

    I like this song.